All Delivery Partners must

  • Obey the law. This includes keeping up to date with COVID-19 laws and the laws of the road.

  • Wear a face covering whenever interacting with Merchant Partners or customers, for as long as law or the merchant requires it.

  • Your means of transport must be

    zero emissions

    , roadworthy and meet any other legal obligations set out in the law of the jurisdiction you are delivering in.

  • All Delivery Partners should ensure their bags meet the following requirements:

    Delivery Partners may currently use any thermal bag that is foil lined, clean, hygienic and suitable to safely transport food items.

    Delivery Partners using a bicycle must additionally

  • Wear a cycle helmet in good condition.

  • Use food transportation equipment which contains reflective material on its outer surface.

  • Obey all cycling laws in the jurisdiction you are riding in.

  • Not cycle on the pavement.

  • Use front and rear bike lights in dim or dark conditions.

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