📝 Terms, Conditions, Policies

Riders must adhere to all published help articles, policies and terms when riding with ecoeats including but not limited to those outlined in the Help Center, contract, app and email communications.

By using the ecoeats Rider App, Riders give permission for ecoeats to record their location, order acceptance statistics, and other data and information from their activities whilst using the app to provide useful information to ecoeats, Riders, merchants, customers and its suppliers which assists in i) providing a good user experience to the aforementioned parties and ii) to monitor and enact schemes and services between ecoeats, the Rider and the merchant.

ecoeats will never sell Rider data to third parties.

If you would like to withdraw your consent please email


asking for account deletion, and delete the ecoeats Rider app from your phone. Your account will need to be deleted and you will not be able to continue riding with ecoeats.

ecoeats reserves the right to cancel schemes or modify T&Cs and policies in which case it will publish the changes on its website and email notify all affected registered and subscribed Riders. Riders who unsubscribe from ecoeats emails will need to visit the website manually for T&Cs and policies updates.