This section is only relevant to Delivery Partners and not to Delivery Staff members.

By booking Golden Slots, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Utilisation of Golden Slots is optional and is not required to deliver with ecoeats as a Delivery Partner.

Golden slot top up opportunities

Golden Slots may carry a Golden Slot Value and provide a top up opportunity, up to the Golden Slot Value "Golden Slot Top Up" subject to:

  • The Delivery Partner meeting the Golden Slot

    πŸ’―Attendance Criteria

  • The Golden Slot Top Up shall be no greater than: the proportion of the slot the Delivery Partner is detectable as online in the ecoeats rider app for, multiplied by the Golden Slot Value multiplied by the length of the slot (in hours) minus the sum of per order fee opportunities offered during the slot.

  • Devices and mobile networks may sometimes not interface well with the ecoeats' rider app. It is impossible for ecoeats to ensure that all devices and mobile networks interface well with ecoeats' system. Delivery Partner's phone permissions, hardware, software and network are outside of ecoeats' control yet provides essential for ecoeats to be able to manage this scheme. Therefore, if the ecoeats' rider app does not receive the data it needs to verify that all of the terms and conditions of this scheme have been fulfilled, then it is under no obligation to provide any of the benefits of Golden Slots not limited to the Golden Slot Top Up.

  • If a Golden Slot Value greater than Β£30 shows in the app, this is a technological error. In the case of a technological error, ecoeats will be under no obligation to pay a Golden Slot Top Up and the Delivery Partner will only be entitled to per order fees and tips.

  • Where there is a human or technological fault, ecoeats will be under no obligation to pay a Golden Slot Top Up and the Delivery Partner will only be entitled to per order fees and tips.

  • Cancellations

    Delivery Partners and ecoeats reserve the right to cancel Golden Slots at any time. Where cancellation is necessary, both parties should endeavour to cancel Golden Slots with as much notice as possible. ecoeats will endeavour not to cancel Golden Slots, but may on occasions need to and, and where it needs to, it will endeavour to cancel Golden Slots with at least 72 hours notice wherever possible subject to the following exception:

  • Where a Delivery Partner fails to cancel or attend two Golden Slots in a day, some or all of their other booked Golden Slots may be cancelled immediately.

  • Golden Slot Booking Privilege Removal

    Where a Delivery Partner is deemed by ecoeats at ecoeats' sole discretion to be misusing Golden Slots, ecoeats may take action not limited to temporarily or permanently stopping the Delivery Partner from booking Golden Slots and cancelling their outstanding Golden Slots.

    Delivery Partner Obligations

  • Delivery Partners' are under no obligation to attend slots or accept orders offered during Golden Slots, but not doing so may impact their Golden Slot Top Up eligibility and their

    πŸ“ˆAttendance Statistic

    and result in the cancellation of Golden Slots they have booked.

  • Delivery Partners must not manipulate the data their phone sends to ecoeats in order to mislead ecoeats in an attempt to take advantage of the scheme. If a rider is discovered to be abusing the golden slot system, the rider shall be banned and ecoeats will be entitled to recover Golden Slot Top Up fees paid out.

  • Fee queries regarding golden slots and associated top ups may be submitted

    πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈFee & Attendance Queries

    . All invoice queries including for the aforementioned must be made within 7 days off the invoice generation date, after which time the invoice is deemed irrevocably acceptable by the Delivery Partner and the Delivery Partner will have no entitlement under any circumstance to additional payment for the period the invoice relates to even where should a fee query have been made in the given window an additional payment may have been due.

    ecoeats reserves the right to cancel or modify these T&Cs at any time in which case it will publish the changes here and email all registered and subscribed riders.