New riders may be eligible for a £50 incentive payment after completing 30 eligible delivery orders.

To be eligible for the incentive payment:

  • Your rider contract was completed between 01/10/21 and 01/12/21.

  • You have never hired a vehicle from ecoeats.

  • All of the orders must have been successfully delivered and not the subject of a refund request from the customer.

  • Eligible orders are restricted to: Dundee.

  • You’ve never applied to ecoeats before and this is your only account.

  • You complete the 30 eligible orders within 90 days of your rider contract being completed.

  • You put in a request for the payment once the 30 eligible orders were completed to

     and did this within 120 days of your contract completed date.

  • ecoeats reserves the right to cancel or modify these T&Cs at any time in which case it will publish the changes here.